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This Fishing event will be held on August 25th at Bartlett Lake and a pairing dinner will be held August 17th at VFW Post 3513. It is highly recommended that if you commit to fish, you commit to the pairing dinner as you will be teamed up with your pro angler at that time.


The fishing event will consist of a 5am start and 10am finish. Each team will catch 5 fish, Limit of 2 from your Pro Angler and 3 from the Veteran.  Tentative event rules are posted but may change.


The top three teams and an additional two random teams won the additional paid fishing excursion that will be based out of San Diego Ca.  (Contact Jim Allen or Don McDowell regarding the details of when the trip will Take Place) Jim Allen 480 947-6219 and Don McDowell 623 221-7655


We will post a complete itinerary to include opening ceremonies / onsite check in / start times / weigh in times / additional special events / post event meal / raffle drawings and awards ceremony as they become available. We will be preparing for 50 spots with 10 of those being reserved for Non Ambulatory Veterans. The event is NOW OPEN for registration and is on a first come first serve basis.  So please sign up using the Sign Up Here button at top of page or if you just want the updates then enter your email at the bottom of this page. We are all excited about hosting this event and we hope you are too.

Ivan Nelson was a staunch supporter of our country and our veterans.  We are proud to be able to continue to support his memory with this fishing event with the promise of many more to come.  Hence this will be the Inaugural Ivan Nelson Veterans Fishing Classic.

The main purpose of this fishing event will be to provide ambulatory and non ambulatory Veterans without boats a chance to spend a day on the water fishing / learning / and competing against other teams for the day's best catch.  Of course, we all expect to have a good time as well. Veterans whether seasoned fishermen/women or complete amateurs will be paired with Professional and Semi Professional anglers and taught the tips and tricks of being a competitive angler. Fishing gear and tackle will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own.  Arizona Game & Fish Department will provide a fishing license waiver for the veterans fishing in this event, This is a free event and all Veterans are welcome. 

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Dear Lord,

You know Ivan by name. You know his deeds, his hard work, and his perseverance. You know his spiritual needs, You know the people he loved and had left behind, You know all. Please draw him closer to you and grant him your peace. Ivan will live in memory with us on this Earth until we all meet again in your Great Kingdom. Take good care of our very special friend and Thank You for Hearing our Prayer.


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It Takes a Team to do Great Things


Special Thanks to all that are helping to bring this event to you!

Don McDowell / Uriah Owsley / Jim and Carol Allen / Tim Price/ Marc Townsend / Bryan Church/ Jeff Jones / Tom Kendra / Tom Judd / Joe Dora / Mark Short / P Swietek / L Lamb / David Esparza / Matt Ringer / Mike Hoffarth / Debbie Melton / U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 10-11 / Jr. ROTC Q.C.H.S. / VFW Post 3513 /John Nobile/and Many Others.

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